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MLA for Spruce Woods
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The Climate and Green Plan Implementation Act will establish a Climate and Green Fund to protect our waters, conserve our environment, and transition to a low-carbon economy. #MBpoli #GreenMB twitter.com/Min_Squires/st…

Bill 16 is our blueprint for ensuring our environment is protected for future generations. Great work by @Min_Squires on this important file. #mbpoli twitter.com/Min_Squires/st…

60 new paramedics across the province means emergency care will be available when it is needed. #MBBudget2018 #mbpoli

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Pharmacists wanted change, we're delivering. Our Red Tape Reduction and Government Efficiency Act #rtrge2018 introduced legislative amendments to bring the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba into line with the regulation-making process followed by most other regulatory colleges.

FIVE new schools thanks to #MBBudget2018 means better places to learn for our students. Promise made, promise kept. #mbpoli

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More money on the kitchen table of Manitobans has been our priority from day 1. We are keeping our promises and delivering for Manitoba. #MBBudget2018 #mbpoli

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Bill 12: The Red Tape Reduction and Government Efficiency Act #rtrge2018 is "good news for developers, and it's good news for builders."-@LannyMcInnes, @MBHomebuilders We've been recognized as the most improved province on reducing red tape, and we're still improving. #mbpoli

"We feel like we've been heard, and I think it's going to benefit communities with the red tape as well as financially." -@MayorGavin, @AMMManitoba. We're removing regulatory hurdles that cost local governments/organizations time & money. #rtrge2018 #mbpoli

#MBBudget2018 #mbpoli twitter.com/Min_Friesen/st…

As @Min_Friesen stated in #MBBudget2018, ALL revenue from the federally imposed carbon tax will go back into tax relief for Manitobans. #mbpoli twitter.com/Min_Friesen/st…

"What I saw in today’s budget are measures that are really going to help (brokers)… it’s going to put more money in their pockets, & that’s good news for investment, it’s good news for economic development all across our province." -Grant Wainnika, @IBAManitoba CEO #MBBudget2018

Scroll down through my timeline to find some highlights from the recently unveiled #MBBudget2018 - Feel free to RT and share the items you're glad to see our government prioritizing! twitter.com/Min_CliffCulle…

In key economic categories such as manufacturing investment, private capital investment and wage growth, we have moved from near the bottom of the provincial rankings to the top third. We’re moving in the right direction! #MBBudget2018 #mbpoli

We’re announcing the creation of a working group to partner with our government to help guide the Manitoba Film and Video Production Tax into the future! #MBBudget2018 #mbpoli twitter.com/Min_CliffCulle…

Our government recognizes the positive impact of film production in Manitoba! #MBBudget2018 commits nearly $16 million for the Manitoba Film and Video Production Tax Credit #mbpoli

DYK - Cultural activity directly employs more than 22,000 Manitobans — more than 3 per cent of our workforce! #MBBudget2018 will fund approx. $20 million in arts and cultural capital projects, all throughout Manitoba #mbpoli

We look forward to making significant industry investments through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership. Together with federal government, we will be investing $176 million over the next five years in strategic agricultural programming. #MBBudget2018 #mbpoli

#MBBudget2018 advances the diversity, competitiveness and sustainability of our agri-food industries through initiatives like the new Sustainable Agriculture Incentives Program. #mbpoli

We are a government that continues to respect the vital role of agriculture in our economy. The AG industry employs over 33,000 Manitobans and generates $6 billion in economic activity. #MBBudget2018 #mbpoli

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