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MLA for Spruce Woods
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My thoughts and prayers are with the families of these officers and all victims of the Fredericton shooting. This is a reminder that police risk their lives every day to keep us safe. We should all stand with @CityFredPolice and law enforcement across Canada on this terrible day.…

In the midst of briefings today on the Justice portfolio, I had the pleasure of running into some of my constituents here to tour the Manitoba Legislature. Always great to connect with the people I serve as MLA for Spruce Woods! #mbpoli

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Stay tuned for our live announcement on Fleetnet. You can catch it live on Twitter! 🖥📱. After years of neglect under the former government, it is time for some serious action to protect the safety of Manitobans. #mbpoli

Twitter Media

Fleetnet announcement happening live today at 10:00 am. After years of NDP neglect, we are prioritizing the safety of Manitobans. #mbpoli

Manitoba: we have inherited an emergency service system in Fleetnet that after years of neglect by the former NDP government is beyond repair. Watch it LIVE later this morning at 10:00 am on 🖥📱as our government stands up for the safety of Manitobans!

I am honoured to be Manitoba’s new Minister of Justice! ⚖️ Watch this video to find out more 📺 #mbpoli

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