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MLA for Spruce Woods
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Sounds like an awesome day. Welcome home! twitter.com/min_schuler/st…

Safe travels! twitter.com/min_schuler/st…

Several bills introduced in this sitting that we hope to pass in the new year. #mbpoli twitter.com/mbgovnews/stat…

In good spirits and committed to good governance. #pcmb #mbpoli 2/2. twitter.com/brian_palliste…

In good spirits and committed to good governance. #pcmb #mbpoli. 1/2 twitter.com/brian_palliste…

We are the government that will make MB the most improved province... but we may not be the best singers ;). Happy holidays to all! #mbpoli

Chatting with @MlaBoblagasse at the open house. The macaroons we put out are a big hit! #MBpoli #MerryChristmas

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Enjoying the Legislative Assembly Holiday Open House. Everyone is welcome! Happy holidays. #mbpoli

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Santa’s come and gone, now happy to catch up with constituents and friends at the open house. #mbpoli

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Look who arrived at the Legislature Open House. Christmas isn’t far away. #MBPoli

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Legislature’s open house today. from 1-3 p.m. today. Get down here, come to my office, and enjoy the music and festivities. #mbpoli

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